90MilesNorth will do ANYTHING to get your video shot…

…well, not anything. But we did hop in a JEEP and tear ass around the woods up cliffs, through mud pits and over damn near anything that got in our way. Hudson Valley 4 Wheelers is a group of JEEP nuts who spend weeks whipping their vehicles into fightin’ shape and then just one day breaking it all to hell. Seriously, this is another example of what 90MilesNorth can do for your group or small business – shoot awesome footage, cut it up into killer bits and slap it up on your website. Check it out right here.

After you watch, shoot us an e-mail at 90milesnorth@gmail.com


The sample that will change your mind

Check out the sample video below. Mike Cashen is a local guy with a desire to keep something very old-school going strong. This is exactly the way you can tell the story of your business in a way that television, radio or print never could.

After you watch, drop me an e-mail at 90milesnorth@gmail.com and tell me how badly you want me to shoot one for your business. Seriously. Oh, and also…tell everyone you know about this. Hit me with a referral that ends in me shooting a video for them, I’ll knock down your price considerably.

For now, watch…we can talk details later.