The tide is shifting

I could tell you all day how advertising industry trends show that web video advertising is quickly picking up speed.

We could spend another day talking about the shortfalls of traditional advertising (print, radio, T.V., etc.).

That would end up being two full days of conversation, so we’d probably be sick of each other at that point. After a day off, we could talk for about five minutes and then 90MilesNorth could get busy shooting a video for your business because there’s no way to deny how badly you need a documentary-style commercial on your website.

But, you probably would want a little more proof…maybe some expert opinion on why more and more advertising dollars are being spent on web video advertising.

I can help you out with that. Whether it’s industry trends or how much money your competitors are spending on their own web video ads. Hey, maybe you want to read about how badly the print industry is doing and how fast advertisers are pulling money away from print ads.

Don’t ignore it. Don’t waste continue to waste your money on traditional advertising.

You have a website, right? Then use it.


Oct. ’08


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