Why we heart YouTube

We’re always watching…

I know it’s not just YouTube. I have spent countless hours of my life perusing funnyordie.com, collegehumor.com, ebaumsworld, angryalien.com; you name it, I’ve probably wasted time watching one silly video after another there. If I find one particularly hilarious, I post it on Facebook so that my friends can be amused too. I’m good like that.

And I happen to know for a fact that I’m not alone. I’ve been very active in social networking… well, since there was social networking. I’ve had a Friendster, a LiveJournal, a Myspace, a Facebook. I Tweet, I’m LinkedIn, I’m hooked up to the Internet for more waking hours of my day than I’m not. I see every funny video that gets passed around, good and bad. The little dancing boy in the red shirt, Ebaum’s End of the World, The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, 30 second bunny theater; they’re all considered Internet classics.

So how does this help you, the small business owner? You gotta grab a piece of that market, my friend. Because if I’m out there watching silly videos, a good portion of your customer base is too. All it takes is one interesting video to go viral, and suddenly you’re all over the web. Now’s the time to get in, and we can help you out there.

What’s your favorite Internet video?

Those videos I mentioned are some of my personal favorites, but I’m more interested in hearing some of yours. What’s the one viral Internet video you simply must spread around and show to other people? Post it in a comment. If nothing else, it will certainly give me something new to watch.


4 Responses

  1. There really is too many to choose from. If I had to pick one that I can’t help but spread around to almost everyone I know, it’s this one:

  2. Hah, nice! I forgot about “My Spoon is too Big.”


  3. I’m on the Slowternet so I don’t see many viral videos. Charlie the Unicorn was pretty great though.

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