The State Of Search Engine Optimization In The Hudson Valley

Local SEO Is Often All Bark And A Mighty Weak Bite

At 90MilesNorth, we are firm believers that any blog post worth reading begins with a rant….so here we go:

The SEO industry (along with the social media marketing industry) is too interested in writing books and making speeches to actually have experience with what they’re talking about.

People think that aggregating the experiences and talent of others and presenting it to novices as original thought makes them an expert, maven, wonk or whatever those douchebags call each other. And most people buy it – literally.

Hudson Valley Search Engine Optimization

And because all these SEO novices and hacks do is read and watch and listen, they soon have no idea how to actually do it. We’ve created a new layer of completely unnecessary middleman – the “guru.” In this case, guru would mean someone who doesn’t really want to work, but wants to be a modern-day techno-philosopher. And then this new pack of idiots aspires to write books and articles…and the beast feeds itself.  We don’t need ‘em. We do marketing…on the Internet. Who the hell needs a mantra for that? Continue reading


Political Marketing On The Internet In The Hudson Valley

Local Political Campaigns Can Benefit From Smartly Planned Internet Marketing Strategies

Someone way smarter than us once said “All politics is local.” (ed. note – it was Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the House of Representatives…yay Google)  It’s true, of course. Here in the Hudson Valley, local politics is fascinating (and often frustrating) to follow. The best true politicking, though, takes place during campaigns. In turn, political campaigning is equal parts art and science – a 50-50 split between delivery and substance. Continue reading