Political Marketing On The Internet In The Hudson Valley

Local Political Campaigns Can Benefit From Smartly Planned Internet Marketing Strategies

Someone way smarter than us once said “All politics is local.” (ed. note – it was Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the House of Representatives…yay Google)  It’s true, of course. Here in the Hudson Valley, local politics is fascinating (and often frustrating) to follow. The best true politicking, though, takes place during campaigns. In turn, political campaigning is equal parts art and science – a 50-50 split between delivery and substance.

At 90MilesNorth, we’re naturally drawn to the mediums through which candidates deliver the substance of their campaigns. Certainly on a local level – in Ulster County and throughout the Hudson Valley – traditional methods of advertising like newspapers, radio and television have their place in any campaign. But, as national political campaigns have shown us, including the Internet in your marketing mix can sometimes make or break a campaign.

Major Players Are Bracing For Flood Of Political Campaign Internet Spending

Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling wrote recently that both Google and Facebook are bracing for a “flood of political ad cash” with the upcoming mid-term Congressional elections this November.

“Just in time for this year’s mid-term Congressional elections in November the US Supreme Court opened the financial floodgates by overturning campaign finance rules that prevented corporations from spending at will to oppose or support political candidates. Two of the biggest likely beneficiaries of these new more liberal (not in the political sense) spending rules will undoubtedly be Google and Facebook, although they stood to benefit regardless as more and more political ad dollars flow into search and online display.”

It’s clear that online marketing and advertising is gaining clout in the political arena. It would make very little sense to ignore it. The same holds true for political marketing in the Hudson Valley area. With the ability to target Internet marketing campaigns to fairly specific geographic areas, why ignore an incredibly effective tool that could both expand your reach and help focus your message.

Hudson Valley Political Campaign Marketing Solutions On The Internet

At 90MilesNorth, we have identified ways to structure internet marketing campaigns – using a blend of search marketing, social media and web video – to suit local political campaigns in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Our strategy focuses around concepts like reputation management and creating an open flow of accurate information to the public. The best part is, our strategy is scalable to fit any size campaign.

We’d tell you more, but then you’d go and get elected all by yourself 😉

The undeniable fact is that political campaigning is no longer solely limited to hundred-handshake town hall meetings and Sunday morning pancake breakfasts at dirt-road firehouses (those things are awesome in their own right). Political campaigns are divisive by nature, so it’s best to get a handle on your on-line efforts before someone else does.


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