Five Sites To Feed Your Senses

We come across a slew of websites in our line of work. Most of them are inescapably awful, but some shine through as useful sites that can make using the Internet much more interesting (and easier to use).

Half of the time, we find these sites on our own and the other half, our friends, fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. However we lay eyes on it, a similar thread runs through our first batch of cool links (and, hopefully, each batch forthcoming) – these sites* can make your time on the Internet more efficiently used and a much more accurately informative experience.

Most sites (including some of the ones we pick) aren’t perfect, so we’ll point out the pitfalls of a website where applicable. And, in line with our non-perfectness, let us know where we’re wrong or sites that you think should be included.

(* we definitely aren’t claiming to have “discovered” these sites. Many of you may already be familiar with these links and you might know of similar sites that you feel are better than the ones we have listed. We’re not interested, though. Keep it to yourselves. Just kidding. Maybe.) Continue reading


The Facebook Like Hype – Why The Most Popular Social Network Won’t Own The Internet

And who’s guilty of perpetuating the most bullshit about Facebook’s recent announcements

Before we get started, let’s cover the basics. Facebook recently announced a slew of changes at its F8 conference in mid-April. Everyone in the web marketing game has been freaking out since. Here’s a quick background on what we’re talking about.

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