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Andrew Hickey

Born and raised in Kingston, NY, Andrew was always drawn to writing. One Journalism degree and a Political Science degree later, he found himself in the newspaper industry in the Hudson Valley. Unfortunately, his introduction to journalism coincided with the universal implosion of print. That seemed like a sign. Instead of bouncing from publication to publication, he decided to take his writing chops, combine them with his self-taught videography and editing skills, and learn as much as he could about advertising and marketing on the Internet. After wandering around the East Coast through his 20s, he returned to Ulster County and lives in a little house at the foot of the Catskills.

Lori Ryan

Lori Ryan is an almost-30-year-old living in the Hudson Valley. Originally hailing from Owego, NY (yes, Owego, not OSwego), she moved to the area in 2005 to attend SUNY New Paltz. In 2007 she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and plans to become the world’s next Hunter S. Thompson. Shortly after entering the workforce, she discovered that what her Journalism professors had told her was true, and she should have picked a different major. With the newspaper industry in its death throes, Lori struggled to find something to make ends meet and found a position as an outside sales representative for a small weekly newspaper. She quickly discovered this was not the job for her, but in the meantime met Mr. Andrew Hickey, reporter extraordinaire. After going on to work as an office manager for a website, and a production assistant for a web design company, Lori feels ready to strike out on her own (or with Mr. Hickey) and launch a business that combines all of their interests.


Together, these two brainiacs have put their minds together and come up with all kinds of interesting ideas. Coupling their love of writing, with talented photography and videography was just the beginning. Now these two are well on their way to a full-fledged Internet Marketing Company, and one step closer to living the dream.

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