The State Of Modern Social Media Marketing In The Hudson Valley

Fakery. Fraud. Posturing. Bluster. Bullshit. That seems to be the bulk of what social media marketing is these days. If you have a computer, Internet connection and posses the basic ability to communicate with others, that seems to be all you need.

Social media marketing actually reminds me a lot of modern art – especially here in the Hudson Valley. We have a deluge of artists here and in some ways that’s a good thing. The downside is that every clown with a paintbrush and a gallery connection is considered an “artist.” The market is flooded by posers with a knack for churning out spare-time eyesores, so eventually no one knows what good art is anymore.

The same thing goes for social media marketing (again, especially right here in the Hudson Valley).

Have a computer? Know how to create profiles and networks? Have the ability to type and spell things correctly at least 65% of the time? Guess what? You just became a social media maven…or guru…or jedi…or whatever fabricated titles people cull from

Here’s a good example of what we’re talking about here (WARNING: Not safe for work. Strong, but incredibly funny, language involved here)

But, unlike the art world, it’s easy to separate the real deal from the imposters in the social media world. If you are a business in the Hudson Valley considering hiring a firm to develop your social media strategy or you are looking for help boosting your existing efforts, here are some things to look (or look out) for: Continue reading